12V 150Ah VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery

12V 150Ah VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Xindunpower sealed lead acid battery 12v 150ah is complied standards including ISO, OHSAS, TLC, CE, ROHS. The vrla battery 12v 150ah is the best-selling item in our store. Get 12v 150ah lead acid battery price or See more lead acid models.


With various battery series and models, We so far could offer vrla sealed lead acid battery with all kinds of series and thousands of models, the capacity from 7AH to 300AH; and which is widely used on industry and civil field, such as Communication equipment, Electric power systems, Uninterruptible power suppliers and Stand-by power systems, Emergency lighting systems, Solar storage system and solar panel system, Power generation plants, Control systems, Alarm systems, Medical equipment , Electric vehicles, Electric toys and other Special applications.


VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery Applications

◆ Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS);         ◇ Emergency Power Supply(EPS);

◆ Emergency Backup Power;                           ◇  Emergency Light;

◆ Railway System;                                              ◇ Aircraft Signal System ;

◆ Alarm and Security Systems;                        ◇ Electronic Instruments and Equipment ;

◆ Telecom Communication System;               ◇ DC Screen Power Supply ;

◆ Navigation Mark Signal System;                  ◇ Solar Wind Energy System.



12V 150Ah VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery
Nominal Voltage12V
Nominal Capacity (10HR)150AH
Battery sizeLength485±3mm (19.09 inches)
Width170±2mm (6.69 inches)
Height240±2mm (9.45 inches)
Total Height (including terminal)240±2mm (9.45 inches)
Weight41.1 kg (90.61 lbs)
Terminal typeT11
Housing materialABS
Rated Capacity156.0 AH/7.80A (20hr ,1.80V/Cell,25℃/77℉)
150.0 AH/15.0A (10hr,1.80V/Cell,25℃/77℉)
129.0 AH/25.8A (5hr,1.75V/Cell,25℃/77℉)
117.0 AH/39.0A (3hr,1.75V/Cell,25℃/77℉)
91.5 AH/91.5A (1hr,1.60V/Cell,25℃/77℉)
Maximum Discharge Current1500A (5s)
Battery Internal Resistance3.5 mΩ
Temperature Range
Discharging-15 ~ 50℃ (5 ~ 122℉)
Charging0 ~ 40℃ (32 ~ 104℉)
Storage-15 ~ 40℃ (5~ 104℉)
Rated Operating Temperature25±3℃ (77±5℉ )
RecycleAt a temperature of 25 °C and  a voltage  of  14.4 V to 15.0 V,  the initial charge current is
less than 45.0 A.  The correction  factor  is -30mV/°C
Floating ChargeAt a temperature of 25℃ and a voltage of 13.5 V to 13.8 V, the initial charging current
is not limited. The correction factor is -20mV/°C
Capacity affected
by temperature
40℃(104 ℉)103%
25℃( 77 ℉ )100%
0℃( 32 ℉ )86%
Self-dischargeAt a temperature of 25℃, the battery can store up to 6 months and then need to be recharged once.  If the battery is stored
at a higher temperature, the storage interval will be shortened


Constant current discharge meter at 25 °C (77 °F)( Amperes)
5 minutes10 minutes15 minutes20 minutes30 minutes45 minutes1 hour2 hours3 hours4 hours5 hours6 hours8 hours10 hours20 hours


⌈VRLA Sealed Lead Acid Battery Cleaning⌋
1. Keep the battery appearance and working environment clean and dry.
2. The cleanliness of storage battery should avoid static electricity.
3. Clean batteries with wet cloth, prohibit the use of gasoline, alcohol and other organic solvents, and do not use cloth batteries containing these substances.


Lead Acid Battery Inspection and Maintenance
1. The principle of “detecting hidden dangers and ensuring safety” should be followed in battery testing.
2. The daily maintenance items and performance analysis of batteries should be carried out in strict accordance with the operation plan.
3. Strictly follow the maintenance rules and battery-related requirements for battery parameter setting and related operation.
4. Do a good job of safety protection, wear good insulating gloves, and insulate metal tools.
5. Use tools and instruments that meet the testing requirements.


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