Off Grid Solar Power System

Wholesale off-grid solar power system with batteries (8KW-100KW)

The off-grid solar power system does not need to be connected to the grid electricity. During the day, it uses solar energy to power electrical appliances while charging batteries. At night, the solar system uses battery to convert DC power into AC power through an inverter to provide energy for the load.

The average daily power generation capacity of single-phase off grid solar power system can reach 145920wh, while three-phase solar system can reach 380160wh.

High power solar system are going to be ideal for powering homes, shed, lighting and industrial equipment on a large scale as they can usually power large appliances for extended periods of time.

Here are off-grid solar power system models for your choice. If you need a customized off grid solar system price or cost, pls contact Xindunpower.

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