Independent Solar Power System 1000W China Manufacturer

Independent Solar Power System 1000W China Manufacturer


Maximum Load: Independent Solar Power System 1000W
Place of Origin: China Manufacturer
Brand Name: Xindun Power
Certificate: ISO9001:2015, CE, TUV, TLC, IEC, etc.
Accept OEM&ODM, Free Configuration of Solar Solutions


⌈ Independent Solar Power System 1000W Configuration ⌋

The complete independent solar power system 1000w from Xindun Power includes 2pcs Mono solar panel 160W, 1pcs 1000W/12V pure sine wave inverter, 2pcs 12V 100AH GEL battery and 1 set of aluminum bracket, 60M PV cable 4mm2,and MC4 Connector.

The independent solar system 1000w configuration has been repeatedly tested in different application scenarios over 100 times, and it is the most reliable choice for global customers.

LS Independent Solar  System 1000W
Product photoSystemDescriptionQTY (PCS)
Independent Solar Power System 1000WIndependent Solar System 1000WComponentsSolar panel2pcs Mono solar panel 160W , Application area :Class A
Connection way : 2 pcs in parallel
Solar inverter1pcs 1000W/12V pure sine wave inverter
Low frequency output ,Transfer time :<4ms
1pcs 12V/30A PWM solar controller
Max PV input voltage :50V
PV Array Max Power :420W
Battery2pcs 12V 100AH GEL battery
Each size :407*172*208mm,29KG
Solar bracket1 set of aluminum bracket for ground/pitched roof1
Solar cable60M PV cable 4mm21
MC4 Connector1 set of MC4 Connector :
1 set of MC4 branch connector (2input 1output)
2 sets of MC4 branch connector ( 1 input 1 output )
Solar System 1000W output4320WH =1920WH(PV electricity) + 2400WH(Battery backup electricity)
110V/120V/220V/230V/240Vac can be customized before delivery
Recommended loads1pcs TV, 1pcs fan, 4pcs lights
OthersSystem will use solar prior, battery second, and then utility
System support utility or diesel/gasoline generator(>3000W) input
estimated 0.8CBM & 130KG per set


If you don’t know whether you are suitable for this independent solar power system 1000w, or you have your own ideas, please feel free to contact Xindun Power. Xindun can provide users with customized solutions for independent solar system.

OEM/ODM independent solar power system is acceptable.


⌈ Independent Solar System 1000W Wiring Diagram ⌋

Independent Solar System 1000W Wiring Diagram

Independent Solar Power System 1000W Wiring Diagram


⌈ Independent Solar Power System 1000W Accessories ⌋

Solar Panels-independent solar system 1000wSolar Panels:
1. Front Glass: 3.2mm, Anti Reflection Coaring, High Transmission, Low Iron, Tempered Glass.
2. Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy.
3. Warranty:
25-years performance warranty.
12-years warranty on materials and workmanship.
Solar Inverter-independent solar power system 1000wHybrid Solar Inverter:
1. Low frequency pure sine wave
2. Solar/AC charger in one, built-in mppt solar charge controller and 0-30A AC charger
3. Compatible with lead acid batteries and lithium batteries
4. WIFI / GPRS remote monitoring optional
5. AVR stabilizer output
6. DC-AC switcher, switch time s 4ms
Lead Acid Battery-independent solar system 1000w
Lead Acid Battery:
1. Battery is manufactured with special separators and silica gel immobilizing the electrolyte inside the battery.
2. The proven silica gel technology can improve battery cycle life and performance at wider temperature range.
3. The deep discharge cycle life is increased 50%.
4. Lithium battery is acceptable.
Solar Bracket-independent solar power system 1000w
Solar Bracket:
1. Aluminum Alloy 6005-T5.
2. Fasteners Material SUS304.
3. Easy Installation.
4. Can Be used in different forms,Tin Roofs,Flat Roofs.
5. The installation angle can be adjusted according to the demand.
6. 10 Years Warranty, Over 25 Years Service Life.
Solar Accessories-independent solar system 1000wSolar Accessories:

1. PV combiner Box: 500/1000v DC optional.
2. PV high voltage arrester protection, Circuit breaker protection, Lightning protection.
3. MC4 Connector.
4. Solar cell system installation tools optional.


⌈ China Manufacturer Independent Solar System 1000W

Xindun Power is a professional independent solar system production and design factory in China. All independent solar power system products are first-hand sources, with low price and guaranteed quality. Our independent solar system distributors have been distributed in more than 50 countries around the world. Welcome to join us.

independent solar power system 1000w

independent solar system 1000w

BranchNigeria, Kenya, Senegal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines,etc
Experience16-year+ manufacturer, 17-year+ sales
Product Seriessolar generator system, off grid solar system, solar home lighting system, inverter / ups, solar controller
Main MarketAfrica, Middle East, Asia & South America. (Colombia, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Syria, UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Spain, Germany, etc.)
Factory10000 Square Meters, 100+ workers
DepartmentR&D, Production, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, QA, After-sale service department
CertificateISO9001:2015, CE, TUV, TLC, IEC, etc.
PatentSoftware Patent, Design Patent, Project Pantent

independent solar power system 1000w

independent solar system 1000w


⌈ Why So Many Customers Choose Xindun independent solar system? ⌋


1.With more than 20 engineers, can help to solve any technical problems.

2.With more than 16 years experience mainly in producing solar inverters and independent solar power systems.

3.Customize independent solar system configurations from 300W to 200KW based on customer requirements.

4.Professional independent solar power systems ac installation guide.


1.We will send you the production process photos every 10 days after you place the order to let you know the progress of our productions.

2.We can accept factory site inspection or online inspection before shipment.

Good Service

1.One stop solution, provide installation guide and after-sale services for the whole independent solar systems.

2.Cooperation with many forwarders to provide the best shipping cost.


Some independent solar power systems feedback from our customers:

Independent Solar System 1000W

Independent Solar Power System 1000W

independent solar system 1000w

If you are interested in this LS independent solar system 1000w, feel free to contact XINDUN, discounted price today!!

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