DP Hybrid Solar Inverter with Inbuilt MPPT/PWM Controller 2KW 3KW 3.5KW

DP Hybrid Solar Inverter with Inbuilt MPPT/PWM Controller 2KW 3KW 3.5KW

  • Pure sine wave AVR output;
  • Low frequency toroidal transformer;
  • Dedicated DCP chip design, stable and high-speed operation;
  • LCD display, easy to monitor the operation condition in real time;
  • AC charge current 0-30A adjustable, battery capacity configuration more flexible;
  • Three types working modes adjustable: AC first, DC first, energy-saving mode;
  • Built-in PWM or MPPT controller optional;
  • Added fault codes query function,facilitate user to monitor the operation state in real time;
  • Supports diesel or gasoline generator, adapt any tough electricity situation;
  • RS232/RS485 communication port/APP optional.



⌈Application Area⌋

Office and public facilities, household system, network transmission equipment, manufacturing, control system, solar energy system, oil field, drilling field operation, etc.
Provide stable reliable and safe solutions for families, islandsships and other small photovoltaic power system.


⌈Technical Parameters⌋

Model DP20212/24/4830224/4835224/48
Rated Power2000W3000W3500W
Peak Power(20ms)6000W9000W10500W
Start Motor2HP3HP3HP
Battery Voltage24/48VDC
Packing Size(L*W*Hmm)620*345*255
G.W.(kg)(Carton Packing)17.52021
Installation MethodWall-Mounted
InputDC Input Voltage Range10.5-15VDC(Single battery voltage)
AC Input Voltage Range180VAC~285VAC / 190VAC~295VAC
AC Input Frequency Range45Hz~65Hz
Max AC charging current0~30A (Depending on the model)
AC charging methodThree-stage (constant current, constant voltage, floating charge)
OutputEfficiency(Battery Mode)≥85%
Output Voltage(Battery Mode)110VAC±2% / 220VAC±2% / 230VAC±2% / 240VAC±2%
Output Frequency(Battery Mode)50/60Hz±1%
Output Wave(Battery Mode)Pure Sine Wave
Efficiency(AC Mode)>99%
Output Voltage(AC Mode)110VAC±10% / 220VAC±10% / 230VAC±10% / 240VAC±10%
Output Frequency(AC Mode)Tracking Automatically
Output waveform distortion
(Battery Mode)
≤3%(Linear load)
No load loss(Battery Mode)≤0.8% rated power
No load loss(AC Mode) ≤2% rated power( charger does not work in AC mode)
No load loss(Energy saving Mode)≤10W
Battery Type
LEADCharge Voltage:14V;Float Voltage:13.8V
(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
OP-LECharge Voltage:14.2V; Float Voltage:13.8V
(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
LITHIUMCharge Voltage: 12.6V(NMC battery 3S)
(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Customize batteryCharge and discharge parameters of different types of batteriescan be customized according to user requirements
ProtectionBattery undervoltage alarm11V; LITHIUM 9.5V(NMC battery 3S)
(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery undervoltage protection10.5V; LITHIUM 9V(NMC battery 3S)
(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery overvoltage alarmLead acid battery: 15V
(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery overvoltage protectionLead acid battery: 17V
(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Battery overvoltage recovery voltageLead acid battery: 14.5V
(12V system; 24V system x2; 48V system x4)
Overload power protectionAutomatic protection (battery mode),
circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Inverter output short circuit protectionAutomatic protection (battery mode),
circuit breaker or insurance (AC mode)
Temperature protection>90°C(Shut down output)
AlarmANormal working condition, buzzer has no alarm sound
BBuzzer sounds 4 times per second when battery failure, voltage abnormality, overload protection
CWhen the machine is turned on for the first time, the buzzer will prompt 5 when the machine is normal
Inside Solar controller
Charging ModePWM or MPPT
Charging current10A~60A
PV Input Voltage RangePWM: 15V-44V(12V system); 30V-44V(24V system);
60V-88V(48V system)
MPPT: 15V-120V(12V system); 30V-120V(24V system);
60V-120V(48V system)
Max PV Input Voltage
(At the lowest temperature)
PWM: 50V(12V/24V system); 100V(48V system)
/ MPPT: 150V(12V/24V/48V system)
PV Array Maximum Power12V system: 140W/280W/420W/560W/700W/840W;
24V system: 280W/560W/840W/1120W/1400W/
48V system: 560W/1120W/1680W/2240W/2800W/
Standby loss≤3W
Maximum conversion efficiency>95%
Working ModeBattery First/AC First/Saving Energy Mode
Transfer Time≤4ms
DisplayLCD(External LCD Display(Optional))
Thermal methodCooling fan in intelligent control
Communication(Optional)RS232/RS485/APP(WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)
EnvironmentOperating temperature-10℃~40℃
Storage temperature-15℃~60℃
Elevation2000m(More than derating)
Humidity0%~95% ,No condensation



⌈System Application Diagram⌋


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