5KW Solar Power System Off-grid Type for Home


5KW Solar Power System Off-grid Type for Home



1.Pure sine wave output,AVR output

2.Low frequency system,good protection for the household devices

3.MPPT solar charge controller,high efficience

4.Whole systems aftersales service

5.With 12 engineers,provide free technical support



5KW Off-grid Solar Power System Configurations
5KW Off-grid Solar Power System ConfigurationsItemQuantity
PDT50248 Hybrid solar inverter(5KW)1 pc
SN-P275 Polycrystalline solar panel(275W)12 pcs
H4T-188 PV Combiner1 pc
L12200 sealed lead acid battery(150AH)8 pcs
Solar mount rack1 set
Cables and parts1 set


⌈Product Details⌋

Specifications For Each Part Of The Solar Power System
ItemPictureDescription of Goods
Hybrid Solar inverter 6.25KVA

(5KW) Single phase 

5kw off grid hybrid solar inverterPure sine wave Inverter with PWM solar charge controller built-in
PDT50248 ,6.25 KVA(5KW) 
Toroidal Transformer
Single phase, pure sine wave output

AC Output Voltage:230VAC;50Hz

A/C charge current: 5~25A default 10A

Transfer Time ≤4ms
LCD display 
Wall mounted cabinet, “Xindun power” Brandname 

PWM solar charge controller builtin 48V 60A

Polycrystalline Solar panel 275 WattsPolycrystalline Solar panel 275 WattsModel: SN-P275 (Polycrystalline) 
Vmp=31.2V; Isc=9.1A
Cell Efficiency: 19.26%             
PV CombinerPV CombinerModel: H4T-188
Multiple PV strings inputs.
Simplify wiring between PV array and
controller.1000V Protection 
protections to controller
thunderstorm& surge protection
AGM Lead-acid Solar BatteryAGM Lead-acid Solar Battery 12V 150AhModel: L12200
Battery Type :Sealed Lead acid

Nominal Voltage : 12V
Rated Capacity: 150AH (10 AH 25℃) 
Dimension: 484*171**240mmmmMaintenance free
Weight: 42kgs

Solar mount rackSolar mount rackwind load:55m/s,snow load:1.5kn/m2
structure:Anodized Aluminum+stainless steel, Angle
adjustable, with installation parts
Cables and partsSolar power system cables and parts10mm2 battery cable 5M
4mm2 PV cable 60M
terminals and MC4
Noted:All the configurations can be changed as per customers’ requirements.


5KW Off-grid Solar Power System Wiring Diagram
5KW Off-grid Solar Power System Application



  • 10 years for solar panels
  • 2 years for solar inverter
  • 1 year for battery
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