48V 200Ah Lifepo4 Lithium Battery

48V 200Ah Lifepo4 Lithium Battery

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Xindunpower 48v 200ah lifepo4 lithium battery which applies to back-up source products.


⌈Product Specifications⌋

48V 200Ah Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Cabinet Specifications
rated voltage(V)3.2V
Typical Impedance (mΩ)≤2 mΩ
Battery materialLiFePO4
PACKCombination method(1P15S)*2
Typical capacity(0.5C)200Ah
Nominal voltage48V
Max. charge voltage54.75V
Discharge cut-off voltage40V
Max Charge current40A
Max Working current200A
Standard charge current20A
Standard discharge current100A
Pack Impedance standard≤40 mΩ
Weight (Approx.)≈120Kg
Max. dimension(L×W×H)(mm) ≤600*600*1200
Charge temperature0℃~45℃
Discharge temperature-20℃~55℃
BMSSingle cell over-charge cut-off voltage3.65V
over-charge release voltage3.35V
Single cell under-discharge cut-off voltage2.5V
Discharge release voltage2.7V
Over-discharge cut-off current200A
Over-discharge cut-off current delay5S±1S
Short-circuit protectionYES
Short-circuit protection delay300uS
Condition for the recovery of over-current and Short-circuitCharge release
Balance current50mA
Balance Condition≥3.5V,Differential pressure 50mV
Communication procotolRS485/RS232


⌈Precautions for Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Use⌋

  • Do not dismantle, open or shred the batteries.
  • Do not expose batteries to heat or fire. Avoid storage in direct sun light.
  • Do not short-circuit the battery, Do not store batteries haphazardly in a box or drawer where they may be short-circuited by other metal objects.
  • The batteries give their best performance when they are operated at normal room temperature (20°C±5°C).
  • Keep batteries clean and dry.
  • Observe the plus (+) and minus (-) marks on the battery and equipment and ensure correct use.
  • Keep batteries out of the reach of children.


⌈Schematic Diagram of the Lifepo4 Lithium Battery Connection⌋


⌈Battery Cabinet Size H1200*W600*L600⌋




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