12V 250Ah Solar GEL Batteries

12V 250Ah Solar GEL Batteries

12V 250Ah solar gel batteries for sale. Xindunpower gel battery price is low, complied standards including ISO, CE, GB/T, BS, IEC, JIS.  It is highly suited for wind solar energy system, ups system, emergency power system, etc.



⌈Solar GEL Batteries

Xindunpower 12V 250Ah Solar GEL Batteries use the newly developed nano gel electrolyte withsuper-C additive plus heavy duty plates design inside. GEL Battery has a long service life and can provide optimum and reliable service under extreme condition such as high temperature and frequent power failure, it is highly suited for tropical area in outdoor applications such as Telecom BTS stations and Off-grid PV system.


Product Applications

  • 12v 250ah solar gel batteries are suitable for the following occasions:
  • BTS Stations
  • Solar & Wind energy system
  • UPS system, Emergency power system
  • Telecom systems
  • Wheel chair, Golf Car


General Features

  • Able to operate at 40-60°C
  • DOD 50% 1500 times Cycles
  • Integrated design to ensure the best uniformity and reliability
  • Long life and high stability under high temp. environment (no air-con needed)
  • Use super-C additives: Deep discharge recovery capability


Product Specifications

Solar GEL Batteris 12V-250Ah
Nominal Voltage12V (6 cells per unit)
Design Floating Life @ 25℃20 Years
Nominal Capacity @ 25℃20 hour rate@ 21.0A, 5.4V250Ah
Capacity @ 25℃10 hour rate (37.8A, 5.4V)226Ah
5 hour rate (66.8A, 5.25V)191Ah
1 hour rate (233.3A, 4.8V)138.2Ah
Internal Resistance Full Charged Battery@ 25℃ ≤1.5mΩ
Ambient TemperatureDischarge -25℃~60℃
Charge -25℃~60℃
Storage -25℃~60℃
Max.Discharge Current@ 25℃ 1440A(5s)
Capacity affected by Temperature (10 hour )40℃108%
Self-Discharge@25℃per Month3%
Charge (Constant Voltage) @ 25℃Standby UseInitial Charging Current Less than 55A  Voltage 13.6 – 13.8V
Cycle UseInitial Charging Current Less than 55A  Voltage 14.4 – 14.9V
Dimension (mm*mm*mm)Length 520±1 * Width 269±1 * Height  203±1 (Total Height 209±1)
Weight (kg)71.3±3%


Complied Standards



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