How does an off grid power system works?

How does an off grid power system works?

How does an off grid power system works?

Many people are planning to reduce their household electricity bills, especially with the widespread use of renewable energy in residential and private villa in recent years. How could you not be impressed and moved when you walk pass your neighbor’s house and see that their roof has fitted with excellent solar panels?

Compared with grid connected power system, the off grid power system is more capable of self-sufficient power supply. No matter in urban, rural, or even in remote areas where lack of stable power supply. Hence, all your loads will get reliable power supply around the clock when you install a stand-along solar power set.

And this investment will undoubtedly save you a lot of money, all of which is obtained from your off grid photovoltaic power system.

How does an off grid power system works?

And how does an off grid power system works?
Here we gonna give you more direction to achieve your own off-grid power system.
Typically speaking. Considering an off grid power system you need to use:

Solar panels will be the vast majority of source of your power supply, if there is no electrical grid. And through by photovoltaic effect, solar panel will convert sun-light into electricity straightly. You could connect solar panels in series/in parallel to form the PV modules that match your power rating demands.

After you figured out the panel array layout, select a combiner box can ensure an orderly connection of PV modules and cables. And easy for cut off circuit during inspection and maintenance, reduce the scope of power outage as possible as it can. Whilst, can effectively protect against lightning and wet.

Its voltage much too unstable when DC power is converted to battery end through your solar panel. Trying to charging directly might cause damage and reduce the lifespan of your batteries. A solar charge controller plays a stabilizing role and it can process battery input by constant voltage and constant current ways.
Nowadays, MPPT and PWM are the most common solar controller types, you can choose a match voltage and ampere based on your configuration.

In most off grid power systems, PV energy is typically stored in battery, and supply to DC load by battery pack directly or provide to an AC load through inverter.
Xindun provide a variety of battery options – lead acid battery / gel battery / lithium battery / tubular battery. Furthermore, is just select the voltage and capacity of battery in the basis of your backup hours, and then make a correct connect to the batteries positive and negative terminal. For instance, 12V100AH / 48V 200AH
Please feel free to contact us and our team will provide you an valid solutions.

As a decisive core component of the whole off grid power system, inverter convert direct current into alternative current for home loads, so to consider the actual load conditions and configurations and choose a high-efficiency inverter is the most important for your own.

With 14 years experience in offering integrated off grid power systems and solutions, Xindun is always a trusted brand with high quality products, you can get a full set of power kits here.

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